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Embracing Matariki: A New Year's Revolution In Reclaiming Sovereignty

As we find ourselves in the heart of Matariki season in Aotearoa New Zealand, a profound shift is taking place. While much of the world clings to the arbitrary dates of the Gregorian calendar, we're reclaiming our connection to the natural rhythms... read more

Beyond Alcohol and Drugs: Take the Stage for Your Wellbeing

Imagine a thriving community, alive with shared experiences, where individuals of all ages navigate their relationship with substances with mindfulness and self-compassion. We move beyond limitations, embracing a holistic understanding that... read more

Moving Beyond Polarity Through The Power Of Our Shared Humanity

At the heart of Earth Beat lies a profound understanding of the interconnectedness of all beings. As we gather to celebrate music, art, and culture, we are also celebrating the humanity that connects us all—our shared humanity that transcends... read more

How self-awareness strengthens collective activism

On the inner journey of awareness, as you become increasingly mindful of your thoughts and emotions, you'll come to realize just how significantly our human consciousness is shaped by the stories that play out in our minds. This understanding... read more

Celebrating The Beat Of The Earth

A portrait about connection, celebration and transformation NOW PLAYING This thought-provoking documentary by anthropologist and filmmaker Ruben van Zaanen explores the transformative power of celebration and the importance of community and... read more

Embracing The Winter Solstice In Aotearoa

A Time for Reflection and Togetherness. Celebrating The return of light. As the Winter Solstice descends upon us here in the breathtaking landscapes of Aotearoa, New Zealand, a sense of tranquillity fills the air. It's a time when we gather our... read more

What Underpins Earth Beat? The 5 Values That Light Us Up

Want to celebrate, party and dance in alignment with what you believe in? Us too! Here, we discuss the five values that underpin Earth Beat Festival. ____ There’s no shortage of festivals in Aotearoa, New Zealand. From mellow moments by... read more

The Ultimate Guide to Earth Beat Festival

What to bring, need-to-knows and knowledge to fully thrive at EB2025. ____ Haere mai! Welcome to Earth Beat Festival. If you’re reading this, we hope you’re joining us at our beautiful celebration of music, art and connection. To help... read more

Bob Marley & New Zealand: The Timeless Influence of Heart-Centred Activism

Waitangi Day (the 6th of February) marks the birthday of Bob Marley, one of the greatest musicians of all time. Remembered not only for his legendary singing and songwriting but also for his powerful political activism, he harnessed the power of... read more

Self-love Comes First – The Black Seeds’ Daniel Weetman On Spirituality & Inner Peace

At Earth Beat 2023, we’ll be treated to the smooth sounds of Kiwi legends The Black Seeds, so we asked Daniel Weetman to sit down with us. We had a beautiful korero. ____ The Black Seeds have a special blend of reggae, funk and soul that... read more

Write For The Blog

We always love discovering stories, thinking, and expertise from writers on any topic. If you want your stuff to be featured here let us know by dropping us a line. — community@earthbeatfestival.com We welcome the collective intelligence of our... read more

Summer Solstice in New Zealand

Our entire biological system is linked to the sun's rising and setting. The summer solstice marks the beginning of summer and our longest day! It's a rare and remarkable annual moment of global continuity. Equinoxes and solstices happen... read more

What Freedom Means At Earth Beat Festival

Here at Earth Beat Festival, freedom is at our core. We want people to be their most authentic selves and for our festival to be an inclusive space for everyone. Here, we explore the concept of being free and ask festival-goers what it means to... read more

Family Festivals NZ: The Ultimate Guide 2024

Do you want to dance and celebrate as a family? Thankfully, New Zealand is brimming with incredible family-friendly festivals. ____ Raising conscious, curious, and creative kids is a team effort. This is why festivals are such a perfect... read more

Two Hearts

What is behind the interwoven hearts of Earth Beat and why does Earth Beat take place on Equinox? Whakarongo, whakarongo, whakarongo ki te tangi o te manu e karanga nei; tui, tui, tui, tuia—Listen to the cry of the birds calling for... read more

Circadian Rhythms: Number One Key to Natural Immunity

How would the idea of waking up with the sunrise, feeling fully refreshed and reinvigorated and ready to step into a new day sound? No high-pitched alarm clocks taunting you; no bright artificial lights or noises to jolt your senses as you start... read more

NZ Festivals Guide 2025 | Summer Music Festivals New Zealand

One way to see New Zealand’s beautiful landscape, take in exceptional sights, and chat with locals, is to go festival hopping around the country. Dive deep into New Zealand’s music festival scene and you won’t regret it. Dance to the rhythm... read more

NZ Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice in New Zealand is Awesome!

We love summer festivals. Come and Join us.